I understand where you are right now…

You are a professional who is good (really good) at what you do, but the day-to-day of the job leaves you feeling unfulfilled. You give so much to help and serve others, yet you are overworked, and feel undervalued.

You have reached a place where the status quo of the job is not enough. No longer will you allow the job to narrowly define who you are, and the extent of your talents and abilities. What you want is change. You are ready to be more self expressive, and step into a place of greater purpose.

You want to earn more income with no barholds, or limitations. You are looking to experience more of what life offers, and transition into a life of greater freedom to do more of what you want, when you want.

I understand where you are because I am one of you.

You and I are among many professional women who have decided that we want MORE…. more fulfillment, more freedom, more financial prosperity. We stand committed to a new beginning, a new way of being,  a new life of entrepreneurship!

I realize this transition is not easy.


  • Wishing you could quit your job and just go for the dream, but needing more revenue to do so?
  • Struggling to maintain momentum with your business while balancing the demands of work, home life, and family?
  • Spending lots of time, energy, and effort toward your business, but seeing little results?
  • Occupying your mind with doubt, fear of failure, and losing motivation to stay on course?
  • Having difficulty attracting ideal clients on a regular consistent basis?
  • Chances are you answered “YES” to one or more of the above.

    My advice – take someone along who can help you achieve REAL business success – NOW!

    I am delighted that you have found me on the web. I wish to provide you with business strategies and tips that will help you reach your most important goals – boldly, confidently, quickly.

    Whether you are in the initial planning stages, just launched,  or up and running and asking “Now what?” I am here to offer support and guidance necessary to successfully grow your new solo-business, earn more money, help more people, and live more fully.

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    Many will travel this road, few will go the distance. Are you ready to go the distance?

    Make the decision today!

    Zenobia Garrison, M.A., C.C
    The Business Success Coach for Women
    Launch While You Work Strategist
    Don’t Settle for a Job, BE your Life’s Work